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Punta preta - Cap VertBenjamin Tracol

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Ocean Waves | Portugal (by Idenlinee)

people on the Henry Cavill tag always photoshop him into oblivion?

He’s perfect. You don’t need to do that so please stop, it’s making me think I need to change my contacts or clean my glasses.

Stop it.

FACT: A Henry Cavill pec twitch is scientifically proven to brighten a dreary Vancouver Thursday.

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Laura introduced me to this one tonight….

So…I may have a “type”

Jordana Brewster introduces Paul Walker tribute at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

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The Nourishmat comes with everything you need to start growing organic vegetables: seeds, fertilizer and know-how.

The mats last about 5 years and are printed with nontoxic ink that won’t leach into the soil.

The mats use a technique called square foot gardening. “The key is planting in grids instead of rows so you can maximize your space,” said Weiner. “More food in less space. We adapted the layout of the Nourishmat based on this popular method. We say natural because it embraces the idea of bio-diversity.” This method requires less water and fertilizer then conventional monoculture farming.

The square-foot method also makes plants into beneficial neighbors. “The layout of the plants revolves around companion planting,” said Weiner. “For example, the bugs that like marigolds are the same bugs that love to eat the bugs that love to eat tomatoes.”

I want dis!!!!

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